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Windows Software Program

UPDATE:  you might want to try our new polyhedron templating website – no software to install! Polyviz

“In grades 5-8, the mathematics curriculum should study the geometry of one, two, and three dimensions…so that students can visualize and represent geometric figures with special attention to developing spatial sense.”

The NCTM (1989) Standards for School Mathematics

How do you make a Dodecahedron out of paper and glue?

Why are there only 5 regular convex solids?

Have you verified Euler’s formula (F+V-E=2) lately?

Do you wish you could add polyhedron and spatial activities to your classroom easily?

Do you want to have fun with your kids building 3-Dimensional paper models?

PolyMod is a an experimental software program that allows the teacher to create 3-dimensional polyhedrons on the screen and view them from different angles. Then a polyhedral net, or template, can be printed out, cut, and glued together to form the polyhedron. Both regular and irregular polyhedrons can be created. Operations can be performed on the polyhedra, such as taking the dual or truncating them. You can even verify Euler’s formula for each polyhedron.

The program can be used by grades 1-12 or college geometry classes, as well as at home recreationally. The printed nets can be easily built by ages 7 and up.

PolyMod allows the direct physical manipulation of paper models, enhancing the learning process. Studies have shown that interactive learning is far more effective than simple lecturing or reading. This program allows the combining of both computer use and physical play/learning.

Puzzler: Which regular polyhedron is missing from the top of this page?

The Polyhedron Modeling Program allows you to create a variety of Polyhedrons on your computer screen, rotate them to different angles, and then print out a net, or template, that you can cut out and glue together to produce a beautiful paper model.

NOTE: Printing on card stock produces a more attractive model. If you use card stock, lightly scoring the fold lines with a pin and straightedge will make assembly and gluing faster and nicer looking.

Polyhedron Modeling Software Download

Download this fully functioning Evaluation copy here.
32-bit Version. Requires Windows 95/98 or later. Approx. 964KB

Download Now – Vers 1.05
Instructions: Download the File PolyMod.exe, save it to convenient place (say your DeskTop), and run the program to install the Polyhedron Modeling Program.

The software is provided as-is with no guarantee of merchantability, usability, or usefulness. Use at your own risk.
[Download PolyMod]